The Critical Introductory Week (KEW) is an initiative of many different political and social groups from Würzburg. What we all mean by the KEW despite our different subject areas you can read here:

The KEW (Critical Introductory Week Würzburg) defines itself as a space where people can connect with each other, exchange ideas, and participate equally in free education. Our goal is to give access to critical, solidaric, and free education.

The KEW provides a platform for diverse political initiatives and groups in Würzburg to present themselves, to convey critical content, to connect with others, and to spark people's interest for the groups` different topics. Furthermore, the KEW offers autonomous critical education that is not attached to any institution.

For 10 days there will be workshops, talks, and actions that address current human rights issues, anti-racism, climate justice, critique of capitalism, and queer feminism from various perspectives. The different political groups and initiatives are united in their work directed at the aim of a solidaric world free from dominance and oppression. Therefore, these 10 days will work as an open space in which people can exchange, discuss, and, most importantly, get active. What we mean by open space is an environment that is determined to minimize intersectional discrimination: The KEW intents to counteract racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism, sexism, misogyny, anti-gay, and anti-trans hostility, classism, and any other forms of group-focused enmity as well as the exploitation of animals and nature. An awareness-team is already developing ways to ensure that the KEW is inclusory and to prevent all forms of discrimination.

All events are open and free of charge for all people, since education should not exclude anyone.